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Exhibiting Information

Sunday March 8th, 2020 - 11:30 to 4pm

Lehigh Valley's American Bridal Show
Over 100 Exhibits

Rauch Fieldhouse
Lehigh University

Exhibiting Information

Exhibiting information

Exhibiting Information

Lehigh Valley's Winter American Bridal Show
Sunday January 3rd - Noon
at Allentown Fairgrounds - AG Hall

allentown fairgrounds american bridal show

Bucks County Wedding Expo
Rose Bank Winery
Newtown, PA

Scranton / Wilkes-Barre Largest Winter Bridal Show

The University of Scranton

Byron Center - Scranton Pennsylvania

All American Bridal Shows in NJ, NY, PA

The BEST and most affordable bridal show to exhibit at in Pennsylvania.

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Reviews - Thanks for the lead list, I wasn't expecting it this soon - just forgot to ask before the show if we were getting one.  You have done an amazing, amazing job with this show.  I wouldn't know what you can do to improve it.  You have helped revive what a good show is all about!  Everyone I know is raving about last night!  We can't talk today due to the high volume of people who came.

1.  For being so organized and efficient last night; 

2.  For the offer to move my table to a place where I seemed to know a lot of people - but my location was fabulous and best part, the table across from me worked out for the best - the woman helping out the travel agent was a friend of my little sister and I used to babysit her - I haven't seen her in 25 years!

3.  For the concern of the vendors - for the food and water - for the comfort level - everything!!!

4.  The layout was superb!  I love the amount of space the brides/grooms/entourage had to walk and be able to see the vendors.  

5.  For 'bugging' me to do the show - you won't have to next year.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart - 


The Paperbag


During 23 years of producing bridal shows, we have seen
thousands of brides each year attend weeknight bridal shows.

The LARGEST & Most Complete Summer Bridal Show Event in the Lehigh Valley.

Call or e-mail today for exhibitor opportunities.  Rich or Tim - 908-371-0900

A July Bridal Show will give you all the brides that have been recently engaged since the winter bridal show season plus the brides that were engaged over the winter and are last minute planners.

This event is a great chance for newly engaged couples to start planning their weddings.  And it is a huge opportunity for couples in the midst of planning to find all the goods and services they are currently ready to buy.

In over 25 years of doing bridal shows in New Jersey, we have found two things to consistently be true.

  First, wedding professionals need good leads and sales all year long.

  Second, couples want to shop and buy for their weddings all year long, when and where it is convenient for them.

This mid summer weeknight show offers wedding pros and brides alike this great opportunity to do business. Taking place in a well known convenient location for couples throughout the region to attend, this 3 hour event can accommodate hundreds of guests, up to 60 exhibitors and a high impact music and fashion show.

Media Plan

Targeted Advertising/Internet - attracts brides already into wedding planning and going to bridal shows to reach this important segment of the market - internet advertising through advanced and enhanced key word optimization

General Advertising/Mainstream Media attracts brides new to wedding planning
and possibly unfamiliar with the benefits of wedding shopping at a bridal show

About the Show

The show is set up to maximize exposure for every business.  Our set up is a "wide open courtyard design" with every exhibitor equally accessible and visible.  There are no hidden corners, dead ends or vendor displays obstructed from.  Pipe and drape use is minimal in that it will enhance the overall appearance of the event to the brides but it will not hide or limit vendor ability to have an attractive and easily accessible display.

We believe the most important thing at a bridal show is plenty of time and space for brides to talk to vendors and our physical set up and promotional support at the show encourages just that.  Each bride has a check list to visit each vendor to be entered to win the fun door prizes and this small opportunity is a huge incentive for the bride to visit every single vendor.

Show time is keep to a minimum.  While we will have a terrific live show, it is limited to less than 1/3 of the overall show time so that significant conversations with brides can take place.

 Lead list are sent to the exhibitors the evening of the bridal show, address, phone number, wedding date and reception location is provided.